Life at IES Huddinge

At IES Huddinge we see the importance of having a holistic view of the student - the need to be stimulated and challenged while learning in aesthetic areas as well as academics in order to give the student the best possible foundation for the future.

Our teachers are sought after internationally, all over the world, to find the most competent and best-equipped pedagogues in each subject. Offering our student the best possible education we can. We seek to provide English teaching, by native speakers, in at least 50% of our subjects - these focused within Mathematics, Science, Aesthetics and of course English.

We always strive for a zero-failure goal with all graduating 9th grade students.

Our School Library is continually developed, often in collaboration with the students, to further the linguistic development and learning. It is also an aid in academic research within various subject specific projects, we wish to convey the necessity of knowing the difference between proper and false references. Happily we have also found a large interest in the library at large which has lead to great commitment in multiple projects,  the weekly quote challenge, the design a bookmark competition to mention a few.

We have put great effort into creating a diverse and inviting schoolyard, you will find;

  • Four outdoor ping pong tables
  • Two football courts
  • Basketball
  • Various seated areas to spend time with friends

Our Student room is open during all breaks during the day, this is a place for students to socialize, play pool, foosball or board games, buy healthy snacks or find support in the Student Care Team who are always present.

After school clubs are started and organised on a voluntary basis by our great teachers! Often the clubs are an extension of a teacher's interest or something that has been asked for from a lot of students.

To raise the significance of every school year we end it with a formal prom for the graduating grade 9s and a grand End of Year Ceremony to celebrate the year that has passed and send the graduating classes off with good wishes for a bright future!