After School Clubs

After school clubs are started and organised on a voluntary basis by our great teachers! Often the clubs are an extension of a teacher's interest or something that has been asked for from a lot of students.

For this academic year there has been a few ongoing after school activities:

Computer club

During the year creation of games and other creative projects has been ongoing. One great example was a Theremin built using an Arduino device. The students are free to come up with their own projects and gets help from Royce Devonport who is also an ICT teacher at the school. They have also has built their own website where they publish information about current projects.

Drama and Singing club

With the singing and drama club, students learn to sing songs and practice singing techniques. Students also play drama games, improvise, and learn to develop some basic acting skills.

Basketball club

Every Tuesday, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Devonport and Mr. Adam lead a group of students in basketball drills and techniques. Each game also has a scrimmage at the end where tactics and teamwork are discussed to highlight how important it is in becoming a good team.

School Band

The school band works together to organise concerts for all school ceremonies. Singing and playing together with musical instruments such as violins, guitars, bass, piano, flute and percussion instruments is a great way to do this. Everyone is so energetic, happy and proud to be a member of the band, but fully aware of all the responsibilities that come together with the fun part of the band. The school band create strong friendships and they always look forward to our next performance! The school band consist of students and the band directors, Ms Mentzou and Mr Mavromichalis.