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Huddingedagarna 2016

Huddingedagarna 2016

On Saturday we enjoyed taking part of Huddingedagarna in Sjödalsparken. The event gave us an opportunity to present our school and to get to know more people in the community. It was very nice talking to everyone that came by to visit our stand.


From the Principal

I couldn’t be more proud

It is truly hard to believe we are almost at the end of the school year. This year has indeed gone by quickly. I would like to thank everyone; the teachers and other staff, students and guardians for what you have done this year at IES Huddinge. The students have worked extremely hard and I couldn’t be more proud!

The end of the school year always seems to arrive too quickly. We now have two weeks left of school before the holiday starts. These two weeks will be filled with different activities, besides rounding off the year with the last lesson in each subject. We are organizing a Charity Walk/Run, Sports Days, Students Choice Days, Cleaning Day and of course our End of Year Ceremony and Year 9 Prom and Graduation.  I am looking forward to a productive and fun end of this Academic Year.

Computer Club visit Spotify

Computer Club visit Spotify

The students participating in the Computer club got the opportunity to visit Spotify, it is a dream destination for many of them as coding and being creative with digital solutions is a big part of their life.

Our students got an insight into how the different teams, or “squads” as they call themselves at Spotify, work to achieve their goals and make their ideas as brilliant as possible. Practices, that they as soon as they heard it, started a discussion on how they could work in a similar way on their projects at school.

The tour of the offices started with a small climb up to the 10th story of the Stockholm office building where the students were rewarded with their choice of soft drink from the Spotifiers staff room and with an amazing view over the city.

Following that the group made their way down to the first of two gaming rooms that all staff members get to use to take a break from their work. The students were very interested in the computers the Spotifiers use to relax. Next it was on to one of the “Squad” areas where Linn had arranged for a Q&A session with her iOS team. The students were lucky enough to hear about how each of the team became Spotifiers and eagerly listened to their advice about how to get there themselves.

“Follow your dreams and become really good at what you do.” - Linn Ringblom, Spotifier

The time at Spotify flew by really fast but everyone there had some lasting memories to help keep them motivated to study and work hard at the thing they loved so hopefully one day they get to work with it as a career.

Friendly Football Game

Our football team were proud to host their counterparts from IES Kista in a friendly inter-school football game in Visättra.

The game was played out in a respectful yet competitive manner, with former IES Huddinge teacher Mr. Raftery now coaching the visiting team. With both schools starting in a 4-4-2 formation, Kista began on the front foot, but a breakaway goal by Elias settled the hosts who began to play more confident.  

By halftime the score looked a healthy 3-0 for the home team and under the tutelage of Mr. Taylor and Mr. Collins, IES Huddinge managed to score a 5-0 victory.

IES Kista were the most humble of guests and have invited us back for a rematch!

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions

Today our students got to experience Expeditions!

It's a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

During the day our students got to visit Mount Everest, go below the surface down into the Great Barrier Reef and we also managed to do some quick visits to the moon.