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June update

The work progresses for Internationella Engelska Skolan Huddinge. On August 20th 2013 we are opening with four classes in year 6, two
in year 7 and two in year 8. The part of the building that we will use the first year is now being renovated to be completed at the end of June. Our
second year we will have access to the whole building, which will then be renovated with modern classroom and facilities.  In August 2014 the School will expand and we will invite more students to start.

The school yard in front of the school will be new and completed before the opening of the school. The constructions of the gym hall will start now in the summer and will be completed in November. The school yard behind the school will be set up later. When it is all completed the students will have a great school yard where they can spend time doing different activities during breaks.

There are still a couple of places left in year 8. Please sign up in the queue list if you would like to join us.

Students that have been offered a place at our School are invited together with their parents to a picnic by Visättra Sportcenter. Please bring your own picnic food.

For students in year 6 – 18th June at 18.00

For students in year 7 and 8 – 19th June at 18.00

The invitation has been sent to you.You can also find it in our Calendar here on IES Huddinge’s web page.


Please read my Principal’s blog to follow the preparations and progress of the new school.

Ms Segerstedt

From the Principal

A big thanks to the teachers from abroad

I would like to officially thank the teachers that I interviewed on my first two
recruitment trips abroad, Ms McKendrick, Mr Scarlett and Mr McGrath, for patiently
waiting for all the permits to be in place for the new School and for me to be
able to write contracts with you. You will make a fantastic team together with
the other teachers I have hired. I am looking forward to your arrival in

Ms Segerstedt

From the Principal

More offer of places to be sent out

I am very pleased that we have managed to fill several of our classes already.
This week the second round of offers is being sent out to students in the
queue. We will continue this process until all 8 classes are full. If you still
have not received an offer, it might be your turn next time.

Thank you to all of you who have accepted a place and will be starting at IES
Huddinge in August. It will be a fantastic first year in our new school! 


Maria Segerstedt